Other Titles from Wilma Davidson. 


A big thank you to Wilma Davidson who has given us a guide book which is filling an enormous gap in the bookshelves. Tears and Fears offers the reader in many countries information on a range of subjects related to sex abuse. Whether the reader is a victim of sexual abuse, a date rape, an anxious parent concerned about chat room paedophiles or sexting, there are chapters on all of these subjects.
  This well researched book includes chapters on sexually transmitted diseases, depression, guilt, self harm, suicide and post traumatic stress, where the victim will find advice and reassurance. 
Tears and Fears includes an extensive list of helplines and contact details for charities and organisations who offer support in several languages.  


From centuries-old battlefields to present-day disasters, Wilma Davidson has coaxed countless earthbound spirits - confused children, loyal soldiers, malevolent entities and stubborn Titanic passengers - to "the Light." In recounting her extraordinary experiences, she brings warmth, honesty and humour to a subject often avoided and misunderstood: Death. This revealing testimonial to the spirit world aims to create awareness, offer credibility and bring comfort to those who fear crossing over. Wilma's poignant and insightful stories fill in little-known details about ghosts, animal spirits, non-human entities, near-death experiences, angels and reincarnation. The author also introduces an entire cross-section of the paranormal - spiritual healing, psychic protection, dowsing, astral travel, feng shui, geopathic stress - and gives practical advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps. 



Dowsing for Answers opens up a whole new world of Dowsing. As well as teaching you the basics of how to Dowse, Wilma demonstrates how you can now find answers to questions uppermost on your mind. You will learn how to find the foods that suit you best, what you may be allergic to and how to improve your health with suitable remedies. Discover how you can use a pendulum as a tool to diagnose illness and to send healing. There are chapters dealing with all aspects of modern life that impact on you and how you can mitigate their effects by analysis with Dowsing. 



An A-Z Directory full of valuable information about a wide range of illnesses, possible cures and treatments, including rain forest medicines and minerals, here is a book to treasure! 
This wonderful book will become your first port of call when illness hits a member of the family. In each page readers will find simple explanations to enable you to diagnose illness and find the most beneficial remedies to reduce symptoms as well as basic lessons on dowsing to enable readers to become confident when using the pendulum. 

Although the book is written as an A-Z for dowsers, those who do not dowse will also find the information on illnesses absolutely invaluable. Most health problems are covered, and Dowsing for Cures includes information on infertility, impotence, chemicals in the blood, depression, heart problems, schizophrenia, sleep problems and cancer.